Time To Lace Up Your Walking Boots

I’m sure you’ve all seen recently that since Christmas I’ve spent a lot of my time high up in the clouds, covered in mud and strapped up in my walking boots. I spoke briefly about my goal to just ‘move more’ in my last blog post, and as a result I’ve spent most weekends since then out in the fresh air. It’s been amazing, and I have really found a whole new perspective and appreciation for exercise and what our bodies are capable of doing. Lifting is great, don’t get me wrong – but it’s been so refreshing to do something different and challenge myself in a completely new way.

To be honest, I’ve always been the outdoors-y type. I’m Northen, and I’m from Yorkshire. I’ve never minded the rain, I believe that mud never hurt nobody and I’m a complete sucker for an incredible view. Now, I’m not saying that everyone reading this will feel the same. I have plenty of friends who absolutely hate the outdoors and can’t bare to get their toes dirty. Which is also okay. But to the small percentage of you who might enjoy it, this post is for you. Basically, before I moved out I lived near to the peaks. I had nature pretty much on my doorstep, but now I live in the city. So greenery isn’t exactly on my radar anymore. Seriously, I’m surrounded by high rise buildings, smelly street corners and a hell of a lot of people moving through life at 600 miles per hour. So for me, hiking really is a way to escape and slow down the fast paced life of living in a city. It helps me to just switch off and to relax, and unwind from the crazy hustle and bustle.

My Favourite Hiking Spots

 I have so many spots and routes that I’m so keen to try this 2018, but I want to share some of my existing UK favourites that have been on my list for a while.

 Stanage Edge / Padley Gorge / LadyBower / Mam Tor / Ilkly Moor / Otley Chevin / Aysagarth Falls / Wainmans Pinnacle


Another thing I find so amazing about hiking is how great it can be to truly be present in the moment. One thing I find reaaaaally hard sometimes, and likely a hell of a lot of you reading this do too, is to fully detach myself from technology. As amazing as technology can be, we seem to be spending more and more time checking emails on the go, texting friends we could just meet and scrolling social media mindlessly. We now live in a digital age, which can sometimes get in the way of seeing and appreciating the real world. I’m totally guilty of this. Even when I do try to switch off, I can’t help myself but get anxious about what emails I should be replying to and whether my clients are okay. I scroll mindlessly, and I refresh my emails when I don’t need to. However, I’ve found that when I’m hiking I find it easier to leave my phone in my bag and pop it onto do not disturb. That allows me to escape, and be  truly present in the moment. It means I can take in the amazing, breathtaking views and really enjoy time with Sam (my usual hiking buddy) or my family. So honestly, what I love most is that hiking time, is my time. It’s time that I take for myself, and helps me to relieve my worries and stresses.

Be sure to leave any recommendations of other spots to try, and be sure to let me know if you’re taking on the challenge of lacing up your walking boots this 2018.

Love, Beth x