The Malvern Spa: A Review

As a self proclaimed fitness nut, I do struggle to switch off and relax. I’m so active, and my job means that when I’m not training myself, I’m training someone else. This means that I’m so ‘on the go’ sometimes, I just need to STOP and take a breath. Not to mention the fact that the pressures around social media, and the constant need to be ‘up to date’ with the digital era we live in causes me to spend way more time looking down at my phone than I should. Thats why I was so excited to collaborate with Malvern Spa, who invited me to check out their spa and gym facilities. What initially attracted me to the Malvern was the fact it had a fitness facility and also held classes too –  a fitness chicks dream. Now, don’t get me wrong, I go to a spa to relax and chill out, but a good workout and some yoga is also my release too… so this was the perfect combo.


The Gym

I’ll start off with the gym, because that was (of course) the area I was most excited to check out. As I was at the spa, and a newly recruited yogi, I decided to sign up to their morning yoga class. They have a huge range of classes to choose from, including Insanity, Powerhoop, Group Cycle, Abs Attack and Zumba. I figured yoga fitted me and my mood nicely, and it didn’t disappoint! It was a lovely zen class that focused on Vinyasa Flows and broken down development of more tricky poses and positions. I always go into new things and places a little bit nervous, but I really enjoyed it, and the instructor helped me feel at ease. I was so calm and chill afterwards – It was the perfect start to my day. The gym itself had a good variety of equipment, and an extensive range of dumbbells and kettle bells which is what I seem to be basing a lot of my workouts around at the minute. I was pretty impressed with the size of the gym, as spa gyms I’ve been to before have tended to be a small room with a treadmill, bike and a small stack of dumbbells. This one was worth the trip to come to, and the space had so much potential for further development. Whilst there, I got to chat with the Malvern Gym manager, who told me about the exciting changes they are going to be bringing to the gym to expand their ‘functional fitness’ zones. I’m so excited to see what equipment they bring into the gym, but the refurb sounds awesome! So I’ll definitely be back.

The Spa

The spa is absolutely gorgeous, and is most definitely the zen chill out I needed. Upon arrival you are given a robe to wear throughout your day, which is a lovely touch and just adds to the chill vibe. Within the spa there are three main areas: the Grand Salon, the relax room and the thermal pool area.

The Grand Salon: The Grand Salon has a lovely water feature, which makes it the perfect place to sit, lay and just relax with a book to the sound of the water. I’m currently reading a book called ‘Start with why’, which I managed to read a few chapters of upon this trip. The decor in this space is beautiful, and overall, this room is just an instant ‘calm’. It smells gorgeous, with a variety of their ESPA and Elemis products displayed around the room.

The Relax Room: I didn’t know the ‘relax room’ even existed until after my treatment. But I was taken to a quiet room with lounger beds, calm music, dark lights, aromatherapy mist and blankets. It was a room made to SLEEP! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so perfect. So after my treatment I snuggled down in the relax room with a blanket and had a little nap. You could go back and visit that room at any time during your stay, and they also held meditation classes in there which I thought was amazing. Over mental stimulation is something I definitely struggle with, and I think its great that the Malvern is holding classes to help people learn to meditate and find their inner calm.

The Thermal Pool: Finally, the thermal pool area has an indoor heated pool, which transitions outside into a larger outdoor heated pool with hydrotherapy stations around the edges. This included bubble massage stations, powerful water jets, gentle hydrotherapy beds, and spacious relaxing booths. We spent a lot of time outside in this area, as it was quite a chilly day, so the heat of the pool cutting through the cold of the air was just lush. Inside there is also a variety of feature rooms, that include saunas, steam rooms, tropical showers, ice buckets and foot baths. We moved around these rooms in order, and the combination of heat, cold, dry heat and steam room scents were just incredible and all complimented each other so well.


The Hotel Rooms

A massive perk of the Malvern is the fact it is also a hotel, with 33 beautiful en-suite rooms. I’ve been to a lot of day spas in my time, but never had the chance to fully experience an overnight spa break – so I was very excited. The room itself was gorgeous and spacious, with a beautiful view of the Malvern Hills. It had everything we needed, and had fresh robes for us to use too which of course meant I literally lived in a robe for the 2 days we were there… why not?!

The Food

You all know that I’m a massive foodie, so I was especially excited to try the restaurant as I’d heard good things about their al-a-carte menu. They were very accommodating with my dietary needs, and allowed us to pick from both menus. The food was honestly divine, and both Sam and I came away very satisfied. The flavours complimented each other well, and you could tell it was rustic and homemade. The next morning we felt that both the continental breakfast and cooked breakfast was a little bit more limited. However, I’m sure they would have been open to cooking something alternative if we had asked. It would be nice to see some healthier options included in their breakfast line up, with some allergy friendly options too. Although, we did spot green juices and fruit smoothies available in the Spa – so hopefully these ideas will merge across very soon to compliment the fitness aspects of the Malvern. Overall, we were very impressed with the food, and would judge it based upon the incredible meal we had the night before.

The Malvern Spa is based in Worcestershire, and offers day spa and overnight spa packages. It also offers monthly memberships to use the gym and spa facilities, which is a must if you live in the local area. You can find out more about The Malvern here.