MuscleFood Macro Friendly Haul

So as many of you know I believe that nutrition is one of the biggest aspects when it comes to health and fitness. But, I also feel that a sustainable balanced diet is key to staying on track and therefore achieving results. Therefore, I personally follow a IIFYM flexible dieting approach, which means I track my macros to keep me on track and allow me to manipulate my intakes to optimise my progress. This means that I don’t categorise food as “good” or “bad” and instead follow a 80/20 rule with my nutrition. There is no right or wrong way to diet or lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s all about balance and doing whatever works for you.

There are plenty of hidden macro and calorie friendly gems that can be found on our supermarket shelves (which I love to share across my social media platforms)! You can really find some incredibly tasty items with insane macros – BUT – it can take a while to discover them. I now find myself trekking around 3 different supermarkets to get bits from each place in order to get the best taste for macros.

One of the easiest ways I find to get my macro friendly treats and meats are from MuscleFood as you can check the macronutrient values all in one place. I do a monthly muscle food order, where I stock up on a months meat and treats (they sell nut butters, protein bars etc. too).

Even if you don’t follow flexible dieting, MuscleFood is still a great place to order your food in bulk. The meats are free from any ridiculous additives and bulkers and super high quality. My favourite part is that the chicken doesn’t loose half its weight in water, meaning all the 200g gains are yours! (unlike the crafty supermarkets who fill them with water to bulk them up). See what I ordered in my latest haul in my full haul video, and make note on what you could fit into your macros or how you could spice up your diet!