Finding Your Motivation

When you are looking to achieve a fitness goal, or any goal for that matter –  I believe that motivation truly is key. Without motivation, we seem to lose the passion, fire and drive and ultimately give up before we achieve the end results. I always say that the greatest power to achieve something comes from within our mind, because I truly believe that if we deep down believe we can – we will achieve it, simple as that.

Something that I get asked a lot is how I stay so motivated all year round?

Well first off, that is not completely true. Over the past couple of years I have worked hard to formulate a routine that helps me to stay motivated, on track and allows me to reach my goals, time and time again. However, I too, just like you have down and off days – where I lack motivation and drive. On these days the last thing I want to do is go sweat my ass off in the gym, and sometimes all I want to stick in my mouth is frozen yoghurt and malteasers – but you win some, you lose some hey? But ultimately, motivation looks different for everybody, and it is important to understand that it can be hard to get back on track – especially when that spark and motivation has all of a sudden disappeared. No matter how motivated, and positive you are as a person, there is no denying that it has happened to us all at some point in our journey.

So keep on reading to find out my top tips to getting back on track, and hopefully it will help you find your motivation again!

Do Something That You Love

When I first got into fitness I was funnelled into one style of training and didn’t venture away from it. I stuck to lifting for a long time before I got pretty bored, and lacked the fire and drive to train like I did before. That is when I realised that there were other styles of training, and other sports that I could get involved with – that would be equally as beneficial to my goals, whilst being a breathe of fresh air for my routine and mindset.

Therefore, if you need to find your fitness motivation and get back on track make sure you’re doing something that you love. It sounds simple but I see so many people unintentionally following the crowd and doing the ‘it’ workout or training style just like I did. Ultimately, If you love running, run. If you love yoga, be a yogi. If you love crossfit, go be a badass. If you find what sets your soul on fire, you’ll never feel unmotivated to go workout ever again. Do whatever you love, embrace it and DON’T GIVE UP.

Create a Routine

One of my favourite things to do is to ensure that I have a solid, well planned out routine. I have a ridiculously busy life, and owning a business means I have a lot of different things, projects and avenues that take up my time and attention. This means that it is very easy (like seriously easy) for me to get distracted, and caught up in the stress and anxiety of being “too busy” to work out, eat well or drag myself away from my desk. Therefore, by creating a routine I am forcing myself to form habits that will help promote a more positive and motivated mindset and helps me get back on track.

Personally, I create a morning routine that includes actions that focus on things that are relevant to my end goal, such as actions focusing on my mindset, nutrition and activity. In my routine I focus on: reading a chapter of a motivational mindset and development book, having a morning protein smoothie to keep me energised and going for an hour walk to naturally awaken my senses and my body. This is totally just an example, and your routine will look completely different to mine, but brainstorm two to three actions that you could complete daily to make useful and beneficial habits to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals.


Personally, I think that the key to success is knowing the destination and the path to get there. Something I commonly see when people lose motivation is that they didn’t have a solid goal, that was planned, structured and achievable. So, when setting a goal make sure you set something with relevance to your journey and realistic to what you want to achieve – whilst also being measurable so you can track your progress throughout. I also recommend making tiny little micro goals, that will be less overwhelming than one big goal – but help progress you towards the end goal, whatever that may be!

Keep yourself accountable

Finally, I find one of the best tips to staying motivated and on track is to keep yourself accountable by telling someone close to you, or even the beautiful wonders of the internet your end goal, and a possible deadline date. That way, you have other people included and therefore more people to keep you inspired and on track if you feel like you’re falling into an unmotivated slump. My favourite way to keep myself accountable is to discuss my goals in depth with my boyfriend Sam, and write them down on our big wipe board for both of us to see daily. It gives me a visual reminder everyday of what I’m working towards, whilst also reminding him to support and check in with me about my progress towards it.

So I really hope you enjoyed reading my top tips to getting back on track when you’ve lost all motivation, and I hope some of the ideas will help you find your fire and passion again. What are your favourite ways to get back on track? Do you have any ideas that you think could be useful for others reading this blog post? Lets get talking in the comments below!


Love, Beth x