Its okay to not be okay

So I’m fit and healthy, I have abs and super strong muscles but i struggle with mental illness. Strength and a strong will doesn’t always mean you can deal with everything life throws at you. I’ve been too ashamed and worried to open up about this before now because of the stigma around mental health. Not enough questions are asked and too many assumptions are made about what people are experiencing. I’m still ME, and I started this fitness journey to help and inspire and I feel I have to be a positive voice to open up the topic about mental health.

As you can see I can have abs one minute, and then look 9 months pregnant the next. That for me is tough and my stomach struggles have been the stem for the decline in my mental health.

Something I can’t stress enough is that nobody is immune to mental illness. I was the toughest most strong willed person ever, but it happens. It’s not a sign of weakness just a sign of being strong for too long. It could happen to absolutely anyone and It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We need to remove the stigma and taboo around it all and talking has been such a positive strategy for me.

Therefore I plucked up the courage to film a video which is now up on my YouTube channel (link is below) discussing my fitness journey, my stomach struggles and subsequently my mental health. It’s important to me to try and reduce the stigma around mental health by open up the topic so more people can stand together and beat it. Nobody needs to struggle alone ❤️