Gluten Free Protein Balls

You all know how much I love food, but eating out and selecting healthy snacks/options in the U.K is becoming extremely difficult. All the snacks I seem to pick up have so many additives or unnecessary sweeteners, and when you do find some yummy ones (nakd bars & bounce balls etc.) you pay the price! No joke, Sam paid 66p for some M&Ms whilst I paid £2+ for a bounce ball – WHY?!

But anyway, you all know that because of that I LOVE to make my own snacks and treats. A) to save money and B) so I know EXACTLY what has gone into them. So when I was sent these Nutri-Bombz protein balls, to be honest I was totally expecting them to be a complete dive. But after almost devouring them all I realised that I was wrong. On a side note: Who doesn’t get a package and do an initial taste test of every single flavour? Sam also partook in some of the protein balls and he is SUPER picky – I deliberately didn’t tell him the ingredients until after he had given them his seal of approval.

IMG_5320So they came in a cute little box, with four different flavoured balls, with three balls all individually packaged. Totalling 12 protein balls. I had salted caramel, chocolate brownie, peanut butter and coconut. Please don’t ask me to pick a favourite, because it was impossible to call it. To me the actual ball tasted pretty similar (except the salted caramel) but the toppings varied across flavours.


Ingredient wise we were looking at dates, almonds, cacao and whey making up the bulk. Then additional toppings across the balls (chia seeds, coconut, nuts etc). Each ball totalled up to around 70 kcals and you can find full calorie and macronutrient breakdown on their website which is ace.


All in all, I LOVED them and price wise at £4.99 a box (12 included) they are much cheaper than buying individual snacks. They are worth a try – however, I do still think I would rather make my own! They are easy to make and create so maybe that can be a future project for me… LET ME KNOW WHAT FLAVOURS YOU’D LIKE ME TO CREATE?!