Everyone Can Complete A Tough Mudder

Reminising back on when I completed my first TM back in august of 2014. I wanted to share my experience, and assure anyone and everyone that YOU TOO CAN complete a Tough Mudder.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile course with 20+ military style obstacles along the way. And hense the name, it is pretty Tough – both mentally and physically.

I had seen all sorts of different stories in the media surrounding Tough Mudder. Seen all the crazy ass people with their insane amounts of muscle and perfectly sculpted abs and thought – woah, i’m not there yet!! On the last month run up to Tough Mudder all sorts of doubt was running through my mind. Was I going to be able to complete it? Would I struggle with the obstacles? How long would it take me? Was I being completely crazy? (that one definitely ran through my mind a LOT!)

On the day, all that doubt went away! Your so caught up in the excitement and adrenaline that you forget all that doubt, you forget your nerves and you focus on what you came there to do – FINISH! Forget the perfectly sculpted abs and biceps – there are people of all ages, shapes and sizes there. Proving that you don’t have to be a gym rat or a sponsored athlete to do TM, ANYONE can complete one.

One of the nicest things was that never once did I feel like it was a race. There was nobody pushing you out of the way to get up an obstacle first. There wasn’t someone trying to sabotage your shoe laces or trip you over. It was all about camaraderie and team work!

The obstacles are challenging, but never impossible. They test your mental and physical strength, at times when your body is weak but you have your team and fellow competitors to help you. Those totally random strangers running beside you suddenly became your friends, that guy you saw at the start line dressed as a banana helps you out of the arctic anaemia and that lovely bald headed man stayed at the top to help pull you up everest. No one is left behind!

The biggest thing I would say to anyone considering a Tough Mudder – don’t worry about the running! As long as you can comfortably complete a 10k run you are FINE. The running is tough, i’m not denying that – and the terrain is equally as tough – but nothing is impossible. Working your stamina and endurance is a great way to prepare!! I would recommend interval training in run up to the event because you spend a lot of time stop start and differentiating speeds between obstacles and terrains.

I guess the biggest thing to add, is just how much fun you have completing it! Being covered in mud from head to toe diving into mud baths is pretty hilarious when you’re with a group of people you love. And thankfully for me, I won a competition partnered with ION Cameras and was lucky enough to get the whole thing filmed – so I can watch it again, and again and again!

If you want an insight into tough mudder – or just a giggle at me covered in mud and being electrocuted, watch my video here! And One final thing – DONT worry about the electrocutions, there not as bad as you expect.


I can’t describe the feeling of pride afterwards!
Big thank you again to ION cameras for filming our journey.
And I encourage EVERYONE to try and complete a TOUGH MUDDER.