Embracing Your Body & Loving Yourselves

When it comes to accepting ourselves, we are our own worst critic (at least I most definitely am). We as humans seem to focus on our flaws and try and change them rather than learning to love ourselves and our beautiful qualities. But in a world where there is so much pressure to look or act a certain way, its only fair that we would begin to pick apart ourselves and always think someone else has it better. But, although change is sometimes good, not all change is possible and realistic.
I cannot tell you how many times in my life that I’ve wished to look like a Victoria Secret model. I’m 5’4 and my legs are pretty short – I’ve ALWAYS wished for beautiful long legs. And then when social media became more popular, I would sit and scroll through Instagram (as i’m sure many of us do) looking at incredibly muscular, tight physiques with tiny waists and long legs. But the problem is, 85% of the beautiful women I aspired to look like had completely different body shapes to me. Meaning the chances of me working my ass off and looking like them was extremely slim if not impossible. Because no matter how hard I worked in the gym, I could never grow 6″ onto my legs and no way could I widen my hips or change my broader shoulders.


Moral of the story: when it comes to external motivation and drive from those around us, ensure you are being realistic when striving for the physique of others. Focus on bodies and journeys that aline with you and your body shape and type.

So, since being in the mist of my fitness journey I realised how important it is to focus on enhancing and bettering ourselves instead of always wishing for change. Our fitness journey is a rollercoaster of ups and downs (we’ve all been there!), and there is nothing positive about comparing yourself and your journey to others as EVERYONE is different. When I learnt to stop comparing my body and my journey to anyone else. When I learnt to love myself no matter what flaws I had and When I learnt to see for myself my positive qualities, that is when I truly became happy in my own skin.

I want you to remember that every single one of you is beautiful, in your own way, and for your own individual reasons. It’s SO important to try and identify the positive things in your life before deciding to change anything else. Surround yourself with positive people. Do things that make YOU happy. And most importantly, stop being critical of yourself and work to better and strengthen your foundations.