Easy 3 Ingredient Protein Pancakes

img_0331For those of you who aren’t really sure, the low fodmap diet is a way I can manage my symptoms associated with my digestive disorders. It involves avoiding and restricting foods with certain carbohydrate sugars – which includes wheat and high lactose foods. Therefore my pancakes have to be pretty damn healthy and junk free!

I LOVE the MYPROTEIN pancake mix, which has insane macros vs my version but when my symptoms are flaring up I try and make everything from scratch so I can control all the ingredients.
They are super easy to make, and require only two ingredients (three if you want a protein kick like me)


1 banana
1 egg (2 if including protein powder)
1/2 scoops of protein powder


Use your own judgment on the consistency of the pancakes, and add egg whites or a little milk (lactose free, almond or hemp etc. for the low fodmappers out there) to thin the mixture out where necessary!

Then top with whatever you desire. Today I went for 0% Greek yoghurt and P28 protein white chocolate peanut butter spread. For you fitness junkies, it has 14g protein to 13g fat – in comparison to about 5/6g protein in normal PB.