Brunch Spots In Leeds: Laynes Espresso

So Sundays are brunch days, right?

Earlier this week I asked for some recommendations of places to brunch / get amazing coffee in Leeds. Despite living in Leeds for the past five years on and off I’m pretty new to the little gems the city has to offer and I wanted some quirky new places to try out.

You guys sent me a LOT of recommendations – which I made into a cute little checklist, all ready to go. On Wednesday I took my sister to try a place called Laynes Espresso down by the train station. I’m so happy we did. Tucked away down a back road was this cute little coffee house, with an open kitchen and a cool but chic, rustic vibe. It was AMAZING, and I was so impressed I dragged Sam back again today.

Now Sam on the other hand is not a brunch kinda guy. He doesn’t drink coffee and is possibly the fussiest eater on the planet. First mistake, Sunday at 12pm is NOT acceptable brunch time. Laynes was packed to the brim with people waiting for tables too. I mean, this surely is a representation of it being a good place right?! But we waited anyway, and it was totally worth it.

We managed to get a cute little table in the corner of the extended part of the coffee house. I ordered the buckwheat pancakes topped with passionfruit and a coconut and white chocolate ganache for Sam and I to share, even though he’s picky I knew these tasted too good for him to not like. I also got him a peanut butter brownie (oh my!), butterscotch flapjack and then I got some poached eggs on sourdour bread with a long black coffee with a dash of oat milk.

Now the presentation of the food here is pretty damn good – which I’m a complete sucker for. As a blogger, we all want that instagram worthy food photo (I’m guilty!) as well as that amazing taste. The food looks as good as it tastes, but unfortunately I completely miss out on the cute coffee art being dairy free. Oat milk tastes good, but doesn’t quite work the same when it comes to drawing shapes in the coffee – but it tastes good nevertheless.

So first up; the sweet treats. Sam was in heaven with the brownie! I tried a little and it was to die for, rich and creamy (but definitely not macro friendly) with a little crunch from the peanut butter. The pancakes were yummy and fluffy as usual as they are made with buckwheat. Buckwheat is much friendlier on my tummy, so its nice to see that addition in their menu too. The crunch from the passionfruit and sweet ganache is a perfect combination of tropical and sweet flavours. These were even Sam approved – which means it was a BIG YES.

Now when it comes to poached eggs, I’m picky. They’ve gotta be at that perfect runny stage (it’s definitely not just me, you are thinking it too right?!) but they definitely managed it. The eggs were super rich and perfectly orange yolks (am-aaaaazing) on a crispy sourdough. With roasted tomatoes for that extra hit of flavour. These went down a treat.

Am I making your mouth water yet?! Overall, its a must. But… lets talk price. I was actually pretty surprised at how reasonably priced it was. Some brunch spots I’ve found have been so overpriced. Here we ordered two meals, two cakes and two drink and it was only £10 each. Thats a hell of a lot of food for £10, and two very satisfied bellies. Overall, I would definitely go back to this place and if you’re in the Leeds area – definitely give it a try.

Love, x