#BodyFormChallenge – New Bodyform Black Daily Fresh Liner

Did you know that liners aren’t just for the time of the month?

This month I teamed up with Bodyform and they have challenged me to trial out the first ever Black Liner, designed to be discrete in whatever gym clothes you throw on but equally breathable, flexible and FRESH whilst working out.

Now when it comes to liners, I think there is still a misconception around when they should be used – they aren’t just for periods I promise. They are actually to be used around your periods (or daily) and help to keep you feeling clean and fresh no matter what the day throws at you.

To be totally honest, I feel like periods and feminine hygiene are a topic that aren’t discussed enough. It seems silly that a normal bodily function among all women is still a taboo subject, but unfortunately it is. Thats why I love that Bodyform have launched their latest blogger campaigns to break the silence.

So, just as you would apply your deodorant, brush your lions mane, or even re-touch your make up – I believe it is just as important to use a product that keeps you clean and fresh down there too. Thats where Bodyforms Black Liners come in!

Firstly I love that they are black! White liners are sooooo last year.

We all have that one amazing little black dress that makes us feel GORGEOUS. Or that super sexy lace black underwear set that somehow makes us feel a million dollars. Or (of course) in my case, I own some little black nike pro shorts that make me feel like a total GIRL BOSS in the gym. So really, what is more perfect than a Black Liner? Perfectly discrete in black, but still with 100% of the freshness.

Now when it comes to working out, you guys already know that i’m extremely active.

I love to run, I love yoga, I love lifting weights and plyometric training – I even love to play basketball from time to time. Therefore, I move a lot and never ever in the same way.

That is why it is so important to as a #fitchick to find a product that is made to be used. Something I’ve noticed before (and i’m sure a lot of you guys have too) with liners is how easy they can move, especially after a few squats and burpees. 

Now, we’re all paranoid as it is about down there. Whether it be anxiety over sweat patches, VPL or leaks – nobody wants to be worrying about them mid workout. So knowing the liner was secure, and also super descrete definitely helped me with peace of mind. 

One of my favourite things about the new Bodyform Black Liners are that they still have the same unique CurveFit shape like there other leading Liners. They are designed to mould and flex to the curves of our bodies, meaning they stay put whilst also being flexible for when we move, dance (wooo – grab that LBD!) and squat.

I tried this out, (trust me, I did a lot of moving) and they stayed put and secure no matter how many kettle bell swings, box jumps and downward dogs I did. They also have the added bonus of being discrete no matter how zero squat proof your new leggings are, which I’m all about! So BRING ON THE BLACK LINER.

What do you guys think of the Bodyform Black Liners?

Get active and take on the #bodyformblacklinerchallenge too, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

*This post is in collaboration with bodyform, but all opinions are my own.