My 5 Favourite Smart Thinking Books

img_0045I’ve shared with you all before about my morning routine; coffee, a couple of chapters of my book, complete my to do list and some yoga. That for me is the perfect way to wake up my mind and put myself into a positive mind frame ready to take on the day. Therefore, I make sure I plan in that half an hour into my day, every day – because I’m a big believer that our mindset and positivity can affect many outcomes in life. So here I’m sharing my top 5 favourite SMART THINKING books to get you in the mood to take on the day!

1. Essentialism
So I actually got this book recommendation from Zanna Van Dijk, and it is legit a life changer. When people say a book will ‘change your life’ normally I’m pretty sceptical; but oh my it is amazing! It is all about saying no to things in life, and prioritising the things that are important. I’m a a-list people pleaser, and pretty much take on every task and project that arrises across my whole life. However, that leaves me pretty damn spread, and sometimes I find myself burnt out and feeling a little lost. Greg Mckeown helped me to realise that it is much more beneficial to put the effort into one or two projects and move a mile of progress, rather than a steps progress in a million different directions. It made me prioritise my workload, and learn to say no when things were going to stretch me or I wasn’t going to be able to commit my optimal effort to. Its made my workload more productive, it’s made my content more creative and I’m able to work on and focus my energy into the specific projects that align with me. This is a MUST READ, and my FAVOURITE book by far.


2. Start with why
This book took me a little longer to firstly get into, but I was gripped a couple of chapters in. I’m still actually reading this one, but thought it definitely deserved its space on my list. It’s structured around the idea that there are leaders and there are those who lead. They look at how a certain way of thinking, acting and communication can inspire others to achieve, and why you should do that. Definitely one for all of you self employed business owners to read!

3. Calm
Now the book calm is super pretty and cute, and actually a present from my partner after I was first diagnosed with my anxiety. It is a very visual and engaging book, with lots of variety and space to make notes and get involved with little tasks. It talks a lot about various different ways to keep ‘calm’ in different scenarios, builds up meditation and mindfulness techniques and gives you lots of creative tasks. If you have a busy life, suffer from anxiety or just need to chill the f**k out once in a while please please try this book!


4. The life changing magic of not giving a f*ck

I swear there isn’t a theme running here; but this book is all about learning to prioritise what is important and cut out all of the things in your life that are weighing you down. It talks you through how spread we can become putting our energy into things that don’t matter to us, and how to utilise that for the friends, family and activities that we actually enjoy. This was a brilliant book, with a real girly, quirky story running through it which I loved!

5. GUT

So this book is a brilliant one for anyone who also suffers from any gastrointestinal conditions/issues. Its a pretty light hearted, humorous way of delving deeply into the importance of the gut, the job that it does and why certain things happen. For those of you who are long time subscribers will know how much of a little science nerd I am, so this one was right up my street!