My Top 5 Inspirational Fitness Female Snapchats

Snapchat is slowly becoming one of my favourite social media platforms because it is so raw (despite the odd dog filter!), instant and a bigger insight in some of the most influential fitness gurus lives. If you aren’t on snapchat, pause reading this and download it!! And then follow my top 5 inspirational female fitness snapchats (and me along the way of course)!

Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna is one of the sweetest girls in the industry, with a truely inspirational message. If you don’t know of Zanna (why the FullSizeRender 4hell not?!) she is one of three founders of #girlgains and is on a journey to empower women and promote balance and health. Her snapchats give an insight into her training, nutrition (including amazing flex bowls, yum!) and what it is like to run a business, write a book and inspire thousands of women on a daily basis. This little lovely is a BUSY lady!!

Follow Zanna: zanzapan



Ashy Bines

Ashy Bines is a fitness model, personal trainer and public figure based in Australia. She runs her own FullSizeRender 6female only transformation gym and dedicates her time to inspiring females to work hard, eat well and love their bodies whilst empowering those around them. Not to mention she manages to do all this, whilst being a MUM. Her snapchats always feature her little boy Taj (who is adorable!) and shows on her snapchat how you can live a healthy balanced lifestyle whilst being on the go!!

Follow Ashy: ashybines1



Carly Rowena

Carly is a personal trainer and health, fitness, lifestyle blogger/vlogger with the most adorable frenchie FullSizeRender 3Steven (who is always after her delicious looking meals)! Carly’s snapchat is a variety of fitness tips, incredible recipes and meals, her favourite products to try whilst leading a balanced healthy lifestyle. I was lucky enough to meet Carly back in October at a health and wellness event, and she was actually the person who told me I should get into snapchat – so thank you Carly!

Follow Carly: carlyrowena



Lucy Sewell

Lucy is a Scottish beauty who lifts heavy, looks INCREDIBLE all whilst having a love for Reeces and the  FullSizeRenderoccasional glass of wine! She to me is a true definition of hard work, whilst leading a balanced lifestyle. Lucy’s story is inspiring as she was previously under weight and struggled with self love. Since lifting she has grown stronger not just physically but mentally as well which was a great calling to me when I found her at my lowest points! I was lucky enough to meet her at BP and she was just as sweet in real life.

Follow Lucy: lucysewell1



Emily Duncan

Em is a bikini athlete and youtuber from the US of A. She has an amazing physique which is motivation to jump off your butt into the gym in itself. FullSizeRender 2But she is a very inspirational lady who promotes her #wonderwomanmentality, and self love and drive to achieve your goals.

Follow Em: em_dunc




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