High Protein Maple Pancakes

We all know how much I absolutely loooooooove pancakes. I could literally eat them everyday for breakfast, lunch and tea and never ever get bored – famous last words!? However, my pancake obsession doesn’t mean I’m actually a good pancake maker. Despite my continued efforts, I cannot seem to a) not burn them, b) make them not stick and ruin my pan – oops, and c) not eat them all before the last one is actually done. Generally I would say I’m a pretty good cook, so surely it’s not just me failing on the pancake front??

So when I got the opportunity to try the musclefood maple protein pancakes, I ate it up – literally! I’ve heard some pretty yummy things about these from friends, so I was pretty giddy to give them a go. They come in a pack of eight, which I’m not going to lie I had to really contain myself from cooking them all at once. You know, because #portioncontrol.

All it takes is a quick 30 – 60 seconds later in the microwave and they are all done. Totally FOOLPROOF and quick for when you’re pushed for time. When I pulled them out of the microwave I was a little dubious. They smelt a little like the protein pancakes I’ve made before from various ‘protein ready mixes’ which all tasted pants and far from anything like a ‘pancake’. Nevertheless, I topped them with all of my favourite things – which is a lot: peanut butter, fruit and nut mix, raspberries and sweet freedom chocolate shot.

Now, the good part – the actually TASTE. They are a-maaaaaazing!! Nice and fluffy, not rubbery like some higher protein foods you may have tried. The maple taste is a nice addition and is subtle and not too overpowering which means even more room for toppings, YAY TO THAT!

Macro wise, they’re pretty decent and nothing too crazy. Per two pancakes there is 11g protein, 33g carbs and 6g of fat – which is easily included into my daily allowance. Overall, I will definitely be getting these again. They do three flavours: original, maple and blueberry so I’ll work my way through the packs.