Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Nut Free Chocolate Brownies

So I’ve never been a huge fan of packet mixes, I grew up being told by my mum that packet mixes were unhealthy and full of crap. Therefore, I’ve always preferred baking from scratch and making up my own recipes to fit with my individual food intolerances. That way I know exactly what has gone into the mixture, and can also manipulate the recipe to make it healthier and macro friendly.

When Creative Nature got in touch with me, I was really surprised to hear they did easy packet mixes that are both gluten free and dairy free. They contain nothing nasty, or any ridiculous additives so I was open to give them a try! I opted for the organic chia and cacao brownie mix as I’m a HUGE chocolate lover and find myself sprinkling cacao on pretty much anything.

So it comes in a cute little pouch, and all you need to add is 4 eggs and 200g butter (or dairy free alternative). I’m okay with butter as it isn’t too high in lactose so I went ahead with some butter and mixed away. You literally throw everything into a bowl and mix, pretty damn fool proof! I recon you could even chuck it into a nutribullet if you wanted to be super lazy, but maybe in two lots so it didn’t explode with mixture.DSC02926


After that, I literally grabbed my silicone oven moulds. Seriously if you don’t have any silicone moulds I beg you to stop reading and go order some (and then come back of course). They seriously stop all the faffing with greaseproof paper and the extra butter needed to stop the cakes/brownies/etc. sticking. I’m a nightmare with anything like this, and always end up loosing half of my cake stuck to the bottom of the tin – so silicon saved me life (well not literally, but definitely saved the aesthetics of my creations).


It takes 20-25 minutes in the oven to cook, and then you can serve warm or wait to cool. When they are warm they are much gooier, but you can save and reheat them for 20 seconds in the microwave to get the same effect. They are pretty low calorie for the taste (which is incredible may I add!) at only 142 calories per serving (it makes about 10-12 brownies). Macro wise they come in at: 14.5g Carbs / 2.8g Protein / 7.9g Fat which is amazing for brownies. Just for reference, my partner Sam ordered a salted caramel brownie from Nandos the other day and that had 25ish grams of fat!


I served mine with 0% fat greek yoghurt to boost the protein up a little bit. I’m sure you could even add protein powder to the mixture to boost it up more, however the texture would be a little different. Topped with blueberries and some extra cacao. I use the myprotein organic cacao powder. They went down a treat (my dad even had three!) and Sam and I finished off the rest with our lunches for the rest of the week. I sliced the loaf into small rectangles which were perfect lunchbox size for that mid afternoon treat.


Creative Nature also offer online a custom handy allergen card which I thought was great! I know how difficult it can be when travelling to explain dietary needs, and the food anxiety around this. Therefore their custom allergen cards can be printed in multiple languages to use in restaurants when you are travelling. I wish I had found this when I was in Croatia last year, as that was a complete and utter disaster. Try explaining the handful of things I can’t have, in a language I don’t know?! It was fair to say my tummy was VERY upset during that holiday.

I would definitely use the mix again when I’m pushed for time, but I don’t think anything beats good old fashioned baking from scratch. If you want to try one of the mixes (they also do a chia and mulberry muffin mix) you can get them from here. Let me know what you guys think to them, enjoy!