My Name is Beth Trueman and I’m just a 23 year old on a mission to inspire with a love for lifting, nut butter and Sports Science. I hold a Bachelors of Science (Hons.) Degree in Sport and Exercise Science and I am currently undergoing my Masters Degree In Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

My full job title is a little difficult to define, as i’m extremely lucky that my job involves a lot of different avenues and opportunities. But the main things are:

I’m a Blogger and Vlogger, and create content about topics that I am passionate about including: health, fitness, nutrition, travel and lifestyle. I’m also a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, and help online and one to one clients become healthier, fitter and stronger versions of themselves. 

Where it all started


The real start of my fitness journey was in 2013, and in some ways it’s what I like to call my blessing in disguise. I was admitted into hospital for investigation of chronic gastrointestinal problems, and over the subsequent months I was forced to re-evaluate my nutrition and my lifestyle. 

This led to me becoming healthier, and fall in love with the lifestyle I had been forced to start. I started going to the gym initially to just try and keep active, but lifting weights combined with healthier eating not only developed my physique, but my mindset too. This gave me the confidence to start sharing my journey across social media to hopefully help others in similar situations.

After the overwhelming response I got online, I made it my mission to empower and inspire others to use lifting and balance to become healthier and happier – and really, it has just grown from there!


Four years on from my initial hospital investigation, I am using the gym to manage my condition whilst also using my social media platforms to grow a community of amazing, positive and inspiring people, all brought together by health and fitness.

After the launch of my online coaching in 2015, I have had the privilege to help clients from all over the world – guiding them to achieve their goals with sustainable nutrition and trainingAfter graduating and going onto study my Masters degree, I now try and combine my scientific approach to health and fitness with practical ‘every day’ applications – for the most optimal results. I also have an amazing team of personal training clients, who I help to love the skin they are in, and achieve their dream physiques through one to one training sessions and online support.

I have also held talks at events and expos such as Bodypower Expo and the Scottish National Fitness Expo to spread my message about the importance of female training, nutrition, motivation and mindset.